Why hire a CMM?

The complexities of mineral ownership are endless.  Having a Certified Minerals Manager to oversee matters relating to your mineral ownership will give you the peace of mind to know that things are being handled properly.

The National Association of Royalty Owners (NARO) awards the Certified Minerals Manager (CMM) designation to professionals who have demonstrated extensive knowledge in minerals and royalty asset management, including legal considerations, financial transactions and records, regulatory policies, and procedures and practical application.

At Rupert Tax & Advisory Services LLC, our founding member’s unique qualifications as a CPA and CMM have enabled him to lay the foundation to provide specialized professional services tailored to oil & gas owners’ needs.  As a fellow mineral owner himself, Ryan Rupert has real-world experience in understanding how to navigate through many of the complexities of mineral ownership.

Why every oil & gas owner should hire a CMM…

  • To make sure that you are paid correctly and on time.  We perform oil & gas accounting of all royalty statements to ensure accurate and timely payments are tendered to the mineral owner.
  • To pay Uncle Sam.  We keep up with ever-changing tax laws in order to help you file your tax returns and estimated payments.
  • To make sure that things are being done the right way.  We monitor development activity and assist in agreement negotiations of temporary construction zones, well site location(s), easements, water storage/usage, pipeline(s), surface facilities, and site reclamations.
  • To help you plan for the future.  We work with a Certified Professional Geologist to develop a comprehensive subsurface oil & gas estate valuation for income tax planning and wealth transfer purposes.

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