Succession Planning

How will you transfer ownership to the next generation?

Shale Advisor

Succession planning for your surface land and agribusiness is challenging enough, not to mention the added complexity of oil & gas ownership.  We help you find answers to your important questions and create a solid plan for the future.

As part of our succession planning services, we:

  • Work with a qualified oil & gas attorney to facilitate estate planning options;
  • Evaluate whether an appropriate business entity should be created to own your subsurface oil & gas asset;
  • Develop a comprehensive subsurface oil & gas estate valuation for income tax planning and wealth transfer purposes;
  • Coordinate meetings among family members and any co-owners of the subsurface estate to properly advise on issues such as income, expenses, financial planning, and best practices;
  • Render estate, gift, and realty transfer tax advice to minimize tax burdens and maximize oil & gas asset values;
  • Coordinate with a financial advisor to execute upon your estate planning decisions.

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