Tax Advisory Services

In order to advise you on tax considerations that are part of your oil & gas ownership, our uniquely-qualified Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Minerals Manager (CMM) evaluates your particular situation so that every tax implication is properly addressed.

We prepare and file all necessary forms on your behalf and keep up with the latest tax changes as applicable to your lease payments, rights-of-way compensation, and royalty income.

As your tax advisor, we:

  • Prepare individual and business federal, state, and local income tax returns;
  • Reconcile Forms 1099-MISC from energy producers to actual royalty income reported on your monthly production statements to ensure proper reporting to the tax authorities;
  • Prepare estimated income tax payments based on actual monthly royalty income, so that we can closely monitor your income tax position and any changes in production;
  • Keep abreast ever-changing tax laws and provide income tax planning advice.

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