Valuation Services

Our specialty oil & gas valuation services address your subsurface oil & gas estate and its future production potential.

Often times it is necessary for a valuation to be conducted to determine the value of a subsurface oil & gas estate for tax and estate planning purposes.  Our technical staff includes a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Minerals Manager, and Certified Professional Geologist, who evaluate the potential development of non-producing oil & gas assets and present values of producing oil & gas assets.

The development of shale gas from the Marcellus & Utica formations has increased the need for comprehensive tax and estate planning for many families.  Having an oil & gas valuation performed of your subsurface oil & gas estate is a key component in reducing gift, estate, and inheritance tax burdens for you and your heirs.

In performing an oil & gas valuation, we:

  • Leverage the deep knowledge of a Certified Professional Geologist to examine the geologic context and stratigraphic relationships of the rock units involved of the subject oil & gas estate;
  • Assess the oil & gas and classify it based on SEC standards of the potential for the oil & gas to be explored, developed, and produced;
  • Examine oil & gas reservoirs, reserves, and estimated recoverable quantities of oil & gas that may be produced from the subject oil & gas estate, more particularly based on unconventional development;
  • Scrutinize production data of nearby unconventional wells obtained from the state regulatory agency;
  • Create royalty cash flow calculations based on forecasted development timelines;
  • Perform a fair value analysis to establish investment return potential and risks.

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